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Fairy Tail Lucy's Revenge

Fairy Tail Lucy's Revenge

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Kitsune209 By Kitsune209 Completed

Hey umm I don't know how to write descriptions but here you go but before that yes this is going to be a cliché Lucy revenge book but I'm pretty confident that it will be different besides the way it starts out and no I don't own the characters nor Fairy Tail.

Ever since Lisanna came back Everyone in Fairy Tail started ignoring her except levy, Wendy, Mira, Gray, Juvia, gajeel, happy, Charles and laxus. If you thought that's was bad enough well your wrong she has also been kicked off of team Natsu?!!! Lucy quits and Trains so be stronger. To prove them wrong.

Giraffesareawesome25 Giraffesareawesome25 Dec 24, 2016
Even though this your first chapter your doing an AMAZING job!!😊
Why is this fan base so obsessed with lucy revenge stories?  They just decide to have all the characters act completely out of character just to feel sorry for lucy.
Sarcasticpandazz Sarcasticpandazz Mar 24, 2016
Wow natsu... so subtle, ever think about Lucy's feelings when you kicked her off?
emptyhalsey emptyhalsey Apr 27, 2016
okay so in every Lucy gets revenge story and I'm confused because is there really a dragon realm? I'm on episode 227😳
SirTurtleLord SirTurtleLord Jul 04, 2016
To be clear, when using "?!" Or "!?" It means to exclaim in question. So it would be as if Master is angrily or surprisingly asking if a member left. You cannot use it in the context you were aiming to get. Hope I helped.
SirTurtleLord SirTurtleLord Jul 04, 2016
You see, "What!! PRINCESS!!" Would have been the perfect context for "?!". Just saying.