A Human's Werewolf (BoyxBoy: Book 1)

A Human's Werewolf (BoyxBoy: Book 1)

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Warning: BoyxBoy 
(And my first)

Levi is the soon-to-be Beta, but he needs his mate to be the Beta. 

Jason is the punching bag of the school-bullied by everyone because he came out of the closet and immediately judged. 

What'll happen when Jason saves Mr. Wolfie?

Will everyone accept them? Or will it turn into Hell?

dizziebloop dizziebloop Dec 16, 2016
The alpha let's people yell at his best friend like that? And wear nothing but a hoody in 4 degree weather?
ILoveMyBear_2004 ILoveMyBear_2004 Dec 13, 2016
Everybody did
                              Even though when ppl say that to gay ppl, thinking that they r cancer causing but they r not
animegirl010204 animegirl010204 Nov 08, 2016
hey, Levi looks like a werewolf version of Sasuke Uchiha without the duckbutt haircut
LucyEst12 LucyEst12 Jan 14
....dude wtf!?! What does the gender have to do with why his covered in blood
LucyEst12 LucyEst12 Jan 14
How do you drool? Like did you not swallow your spit at one point
LucyEst12 LucyEst12 Jan 14
....bruh this wolf probably needs medical attention please stop