Enar's Vacation - Open Beta

Enar's Vacation - Open Beta

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Nils Ödlund By Nilsdlund Completed

Enar's Vacation is the story about Enar, who goes on vacation. It's about the places he sees and the people he meets. It is, for the most part, a nice and friendly story - much like Enar himself.


This is the beta version of the story. I'm sharing it here in order to get feedback on both technique and content. Each chapter comes with a set of comments attached at the end. You don't have to answer these. They're mainly there as a starting point for providing feedback on the chapters, so only bother with those questions that relate to something you thought about while reading.
It would help me make my story the best it can be.

The beta version I'm sharing here contains the entire story from beginning to end, including epilogue. The only thing that's not included is the appendix. It's not necessary to enjoy the story, but will eventually contain a short dictionary as well as explanations of certain aspects of the setting.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Content advisory:
 - Character Development: High
 - Action and Combat: Very Low
 - Setting and Environment: Rich
 - Conversation and Dialogue: High
 - Magic and Wonder: Present
 - Feelings and Emotions: High
 - Pace: Low
 - Chuckles: Yes
 - Drugs and Alcohol: Yes