The Red Wolf

The Red Wolf

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'They say when she gets angry, her eyes turn bright red and then she shifts into this huge red wolf.'

'Yeah, and did you know that she killed her whole pack?'

I was hiding behind a tree, listening to these kids talk about me. I can't say they're lying, it's actually the truth, but the way they talk about me makes me feel like a monster, when I'm just a werewolf like them.

My name is Tori, but people call me Red because that's the name of my wolf. My wolf is the strongest, fastest and smartest wolf alive, and I shifted earlier than any other wolf. I shifted at 10, and I've lived alone since then.


Tori has always lived alone, so what happens when a pack finds her and drags her by force to their Alpha? And what happens when she finds her mate? Will she forget everything and be with him? Or is fate playing a cruel joke on her?
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ChristinaCoombs ChristinaCoombs Mar 21, 2017
If she's stronger, faster, and smarter, why can't she fight back? She is being captured so easily. It should take a few of them to grab her at least. Plus, she fainted from one bite on her arm..... like maybe if it was her thigh or waist...
viktormyoppa viktormyoppa Mar 13, 2017
Which ain't you heard of the saying curiosity killed the cat??