Nova - Jacob Black

Nova - Jacob Black

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Ari By arisafari151 Updated Sep 09

I could hear her heart beat, one beat after another. It sounded so in rhythm, I couldn't help but feel as if I need to know who it  belonged to, so perfect, more precious than any other heart beat I've heard before. I turned on my heels, everything stopped.

It was her.

She was the only thing that mattered now.


I don't see your problem gurl. If you hate florida just agree with ur mom instead of putting up an unneeded fight
MaryHarlan MaryHarlan Jul 16
I hope that your just saying that for the book but if not in the words of Stephanie tanner "how rude"
Mo_xo1 Mo_xo1 Aug 05
i would be happy to move to la push, i woulda been like "cool, now i finally getta chill with jacob."
But, the white sandy beaches, the amazing tans, the shops, the water! Lol, I'm biased, Florida born and raised.
slaymepeter slaymepeter Dec 08, 2015
She probably rigged the jar and put La Push as every name on the paper😂
Skittle111 Skittle111 Nov 30, 2015
is this story finished? btw i love ur book so far :P even tho im only on chapter 2 XD