(Discontinued) AOT Boys x Reader; A Relaxing Vacation?

(Discontinued) AOT Boys x Reader; A Relaxing Vacation?

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Hey guys! This is my first story and I hope you will enjoy it!

In this story you are a member of the Survey Corps and you and your friends have just earned a whole week leave after a successful expedition! It was agreed by your fellow comrades (reluctantly by some) that you would spend your break away from HQ staying in a couple of cabins in a remote area of Wall Rose. What you had expected to be a nice relaxing vacation quickly escalates into a series of pranks, screw ups, and awkward situations involving a certain group of boys and a brooding corporal. A relaxing vacation?.....I don't think sooo.

(I do not own these characters)

Michanism Michanism Apr 09
my stomach growled when i read the words 'short stature'. i think my stomach agrees 👌✌
Pusheen1010 Pusheen1010 Apr 05
I want Armin to man up and admit his feeling to ME and ONLY ME.
I'm like that! I'm a tomboy that gets along better with dudes. I always say dude and bro :P Dem habbits dou!😢 Someone punch me...!
                              Eren: TITAAAAANSSSS!!!
                              *Le Sweatdrop*
The only thing I don't like about the outside world is the bugs and sun 
                              So I'm kinda cool with that
- - Jan 15
                              My christening
                              My parents wedding (I was 5 so I didn't have much of a choice)