Seduce Me If You Can

Seduce Me If You Can

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OHC By OnLy_HuMaN_ChIcA Updated Jul 30

Erza Scarlet didn't know what to expect when she moved into her late uncle's manor. All she knew was that she  was his only living relative but she never knew he existed until he died.

Upon arriving at the manor, Erza felt uneasy. Although she lived alone, she felt that someone else was in the manor.

When she comes face-to-face with the vampire who killed her uncle, he makes her a deal. He'll leave her alone if she can resist his seductive powers for a month, but if she fails and falls for him then he'll kill her.

Erza is left with no other choice but to accept.

Thank you to the wonderful @Miss_Seragaki_ for the amazing cover!


The characters in this story belong to Hiro Mashima and his manga/anime Fairy Tail.
Unless I say that the character is mine, please take this into account.

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Dang I'd tackle him, and try to kiss him but he'd probably just push me off lol
Janime_269 Janime_269 Jul 18
Here Erza
                              *Hands Strawberry Cake*
                              Your not you when your hungry
This makes me feel like Jellal is really sexy for some reason ???
I knew it....................
                              ERZA GET SOME GARLIC AND SILVER AND GET OUT OF THERE!!!
Jellal's just like: ignoring your insult and continuing with this story