I'm in Paradise - a Cody Simpson Fanfic.

I'm in Paradise - a Cody Simpson Fanfic.

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CelebrityImagines143 By CelebrityImagines143 Updated Dec 24, 2012

*BEFORE YOU READ* This is my first fanfic! If you guys have any ideas or requests for future chapters, LEAVE COMMENTS! Thank you so much! ~Sarah~

Chapter 1.


 yelled upstairs to my best friend. "WAIT A SECOND DANI! I HAVE TO FIX MY HAIR!" She yelled back. Well I guess while I'm waiting I should introduce myself. Hi, I'm Danielle, but you can call me Dani. I live in Los Angeles, California. My best friend Emily& I are meeting Cody Simpson today! He's our favorite singer of all time! We've been fans since 2010. "EMILY PLEASE! YOU LOOK AMAZING! WE NEED TO GO NOW OR WE WON'T GET A GOOD SPOT IN LINE!" I yelled back to her. Gosh I know she's nervous but we need to go, NOW. Finally Emily came down stairs and slipped her nude sequined sandals on her feet. "Wow Dani! You look FLAWLESS!" Emily smiled at me. I decided to wear a ruffled spaghetti strap tank top that was purple with orange& green zigzagged stripes with a lime green tank top...

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