Nerd Turns Into A Model[///EDITING///]

Nerd Turns Into A Model[///EDITING///]

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Valerie Mae Foronda Reyes By Blue_Phoenixwatty Updated a day ago

Every woman would always like to be beautiful, aromatic, and love to wear beautiful clothes..
But she would rather not,she choose not to. Even be her inheritance.Even though, she's very rich.
She preferred to be simple than to fill her face with makeup.
She preferred to be a nobody than to be popular.

So many differences between her,her sister and brother but she didn't even think to be like be a MODEL.
But can she still stand on her beliefs not to be one,if there is someone who pushed her to be like that?can she still be a NERD if there is someone who push her not to be one anymore?can she?or she will pursue to be a nobody?

"Love me not because I'm beautiful,Love me because I am me!"- ELIJAH MAXINE PARK SHIN

Well then..Proceed to the chapter (S) if you wanted to know what will happen..
Whenever happened here in the story were based on my imagination,if there is some story that are same as this..its just a COINCIDENCE..

faithly02018 faithly02018 Oct 15, 2016
I wish sana ganyan din ako nerd turn to medil WISH🎓👓👓👓👓😘
Yoshirou_yuki Yoshirou_yuki Jul 09, 2016
cute... nainspired tuloy ako gumawa ng  poem.. about transformation............. ^_^
WrenIrylleDiaz WrenIrylleDiaz Nov 26, 2016
Excuse spelled mind wrong..don't hate me miss author..I'm still a fan:)
Black_Maiden022 Black_Maiden022 Dec 21, 2016
Kaya mo yan miss a ..kahit mali mali ang spelling support pzrin ako
Jhuliahna Jhuliahna Mar 28, 2016
Author little correction lang po yung owns? Pwede ba po gawing own? Ty po author loveyou hahahahha 🙈🙈
NightKiller21 NightKiller21 Sep 27, 2015
Yeah right girl.. hindi naman lahat ng nerd ganyan.. iba na ang modern nerd..