All For One And One For All!

All For One And One For All!

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Bluemoonwolfwarrior By bluemoonwolfwarrior Updated Jan 11, 2017

Authors note: I've decided to write another Musketeer book, so I can start from where D'artagnan first meets the Musketeers. 

"Ar Paris, its great to be back!" he exclaimed taking a deep breath in as the horses trotted through the streets and their hooves clamouring against the cobbles. 

"Aramis you always miss Paris and always pine to go home" A young girl dressed all in black leather mocked the smartly dressed man riding next to her. 

"It's the same for you, isn't it?" he quizzed her. 

"No, but I wish I could tell you it was" she giggled. 

"Athos tell me that's not true!" he exclaimed. 

"She's just too good a liar" Athos answered. 

"You know Raven I really hate you sometimes" he said riding in front of her. 

"That's it runaway, ohl and Aramis one more thing..." she continued her mockery again. 

"What would that be?" he quizzed her. 

"Love you too" she joked. 

"I can't hear you over the horses" he teased. 

"How on earth do you guys put up with him?" she asked teasingly.