Sami (Water Worlds 2)

Sami (Water Worlds 2)

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H. S. St. Ours By HSStOurs Completed

Sami wasn't born in the tunnels. She's traveled all over, even as far as the Northern caves beyond Eastport. Only nobodies went farther than that. 

Story was, there were towns beyond the Dustbowl, but most folk thought that was just stories. It's been almost a century since the sky fell and the world broke apart in a day, and still the people spent their whole lives underground, either in the Five Tunnels, or in the caves, shielded by living stone. 

Sami's mom and dad are long since dead, and her friends, Sef and Glyn, vanished without a trace, over a year ago, or were chased from the tunnel by the Judge. Now her dearest pal, Simma, was leaving, too, to live under the water in tunnel Tee Two, with her mom and her mom's new boyfriend.   
She used to feel safe in the tunnels. Used to feel at home. But now, nobodies and someones alike were disappearing, and voices came to her in the dark, warning her of a great danger to come.   

In an adventure of courage and hope, Sami seeks answers and uncovers a mystery that spans worlds. 

"Sami" is Book 2 in the Water Worlds science fiction adventure series. 

Available now:
Book 1 Young Moon
Book 2 Sami
Book 3 Simma
Book 4 Gen
Coming soon:
Book 5 Meeza
Book 6 Kaio
Book 7 Brin

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From the reviews: 
5 Stars. "Sami drew me in immediately and I read the entire book IN ONE SITTING - I could not tear myself away." 
5 Stars. "I couldn't put this down, a must read for all young women, young men, and adults alike!"  
5 Stars. "Even more enjoyable than the first volume. St. Ours fans will not be disappointed with this latest effort." 
4 Stars. "Like 'Wool' this book develops characters that you'll want to hear more about. Buy it, read it, enjoy."

lunaretlei lunaretlei Sep 12, 2015
read the first book, one I have money I will buy the entire series, this is amazing!
drumsinthedeep drumsinthedeep Apr 04, 2015
Really enjoyed Chapter 1, before I keep going I am going to go back and read the first book. Nice to see another book with this feel to it in the genre.
Janneza Janneza Sep 01, 2014
If you like reading action novels then please try reading this one. If you liked it please vote. 
ClaudeNougat3 ClaudeNougat3 May 20, 2014
Great opening - and I love the trailer too, fascinating. Fast, snappy, futuristic style, well done!
LynnIsenberg LynnIsenberg Feb 25, 2014
This looks amazing!  Love the trailer, too!  very cool!  Congratulations!
Ellie_M_ Ellie_M_ Oct 14, 2013
I love your book! Can you please read my novel, "Notes from a Writing Prodigy," and we can give each other pointers?