Silence Is Louder Than Words

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:D By AnimeAngelG Completed
I'm sick of crying tired of trying. Yeah I might be smiling but inside I’m dying. They don't know me or what I've been through, yet they still judge me. I've been through hell and back. I've seen and heard awful things. After what I've been through I dont see how they affect me, but they do. They call me the mute emo dork. I guess why it hurts so much is because its true.
This is really good.  The story I am working on is knd of like his but more mystical(like oz if you will) but I have a character kind of like victoria
tis book seems really interesting so far, im kind of confused though but it's still good, im defiantly going to read on.
wow i can't to see if or when she does talk so that way i know what her problem is!! lol but good so far. :)
Very good. Got my attention. I will have to add this onto my ipad to keep reading on. Hope you liked mine! XD
                                    I also loved the part where she said the cookies came out of the oven, not the milk. LOL. XD
Love, love, love how this story started off. Can't wait to read more! =D
i always go 2 the Whats Hot section and check out random books that have awesome titles that draw me in and along came ur book and u no the rest! lol