Conquering an Untamed Flame (Johnny Storm fanfic) (ON HOLD)

Conquering an Untamed Flame (Johnny Storm fanfic) (ON HOLD)

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T.L By Marvel_Mockingjays Updated Oct 08, 2015

War. Death. Conquest. Famine.

The Four Horsemen of the apocalypse. Of course, when I talk about the Four Horsemen I don't mean the actual or biblical Horsemen.

I mean the team; The Four Horsemen.

No one dares rival them. They're neither good, nor bad. They're perfectly in between. SHIELD doesn't disturb them, the government doesn't hunt them down, super heroes don't go all 'goody too-shoes' and try to save the day, and no criminal even dares to utter their name. Well, besides Victor Von Doom. There's always one stupid one though, right?

Meet Estelle Aveline. You can call her Conquest though. No one knows Conquest is a female, because she's more so the stay at home in her pyjamas and hack the President's computer or SHIELD for kicks kind of girl. She is though, the most important member of the team. She holds the other three boys together.

So when Dr Doom burns down the Horsemen's public mansion, steals $3.2 million from them, ruins and demolishes all their computers and manages to give severe burns to War in the fire, what are the Horsemen to do? Hunt him down of course. And whose help do they need to do so?

The Fantastic Four.

Yet in the midst of war, what if the Horsemen's identities are finally revealed? And what if Conquest manages to conquer the most precious thing of all?

The heart of a flamboyant hothead.


***I obviously do not own any Marvel or comic characters. I only own the Four Horsemen, the plot, and a few characters that appear later on in the story. All rights are reserved to Marvel comics.

Well, does he pull a Sherlock and jump off roofs? I'm guseeing that's his power.
I don't like Chris
                              Well actually I love all the Chrises in the Marvel Vault BUT Evans
                              That was confusing I confused me
So Jordan 🤗😍 ... Just wanted you to know that you practically own everyone on every earth there is
*suddenly the four horsemen pop up from no where and says* Now you see me, now you don't *then they dissappear*
So all the money I spend on these goes to him? How nice to know that when I wait for pocket money, he roles in my money