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Silent Shinobi (Naruto Fanfic)

Silent Shinobi (Naruto Fanfic)

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zahirah ♛ By wolfdaisy Updated Jan 28, 2015

'Happiness?! Hah! You'll never have a happy ending in your life. Monsters like you don't deserve one.' When Zeri Kazahe was young, she never understood why her clan was so secretive and quiet about themselves - always moving about silently and stealthily, but she followed her parents' instructions without a second thought. Now, she's understood the reason why - to avoid those who hunted them down. Zeri wants nothing more than to be free from everyone who's coming after her, and when she takes that opportunity when Orochimaru sends her to the Akatsuki. Zeri escapes, ending up at the gates of the Leaf Village, free at last , only to be chained down once again when the Hokage makes a deal with her. He will allow her to stay in the village, only if she is put in a squad and doesn't cause trouble. Her mysterious and cold demeanor confuse and intrigue her teammates and everyone around her, and so many questions go unanswered - who exactly is she, and what is the extent of her power? (You'll have to read to find out! ;) On a side note, there is romance in this story haha! And no, I'm not telling who her love interest is :P Thanks for reading!)

Raven_mellanna Raven_mellanna Mar 21, 2016
i hope it's not  Duck- i mean Sasuke. and i REALLY hope it is panda-ch- i mean Gaara. ;3
Maximum_Beat Maximum_Beat Aug 15, 2015
And plus who would not want to date an emo ducky who has emotion problems
Maximum_Beat Maximum_Beat Aug 15, 2015
Your welcome :) and I really hope this is a Sasuke love story he needs some love
Broken_Angel_45542 Broken_Angel_45542 Jul 25, 2015
please don't be sasuke , naruto , kiba , or gaara i read to many books with them
MeowAna-Chan MeowAna-Chan Jul 07, 2015
I'm scared to find out her romance....hopefully not sauske but I will still read it if it is
lex_is_awesome lex_is_awesome Feb 12, 2015
This is my first time reading this but from what I have read so far it seems interesting