Nightmares (A Jeff x BEN Story)

Nightmares (A Jeff x BEN Story)

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The Drunk Canadian By everytwodays Updated Nov 28

For the past week, BEN has been experiencing nightmares of himself drowning. One night, his nightmares get the best of him and he decides to seek comfort from the residents of  Slenderman's Mansion. 
Surprisingly, the only one who comforts him is Jeff.


Please enjoy.

updated it plz cause I really want to know what happens! also this is amazing fanfic
Kittengal59 Kittengal59 Mar 18
I was trying to go to the next chapter, but was soon disappointed because I can't. I can't wait to be able to continue scrolling on to the next chapter. 😊
Why does BEN have to be picked on? It almost made me really sad. But he has Jeff now, so he won't have to worry as much. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
I was so happy XD Wow Jane Nice eyebrows there Lol, Anyways I WANT MOAR!
                              Sorry for the pressure XD~
Need_Yaoi Need_Yaoi Jan 21
heh jeffy (singsong voice) you are in looooooovvvvvveee! *giggles and falls down the stairs in laughter*
luvcatbug luvcatbug Nov 24, 2015
aww how cute!
                              and at the same time, a bit awkward, but that makes it even more adorable!!!