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FORBIDDEN LOVE! Hot hunky jock boys, pretty as princes and unable to keep their hands off each other. When the two star players on Kenton High's football team come out as gay lovers, some of the other boys join in the fun. And the sleepy little Appalachian town will never be the same again!

Quarterback Jason wants to play football at Ohio State. But he's totally in love with his boyfriend Johnny. And he doesn't want to live the lie that gay jocks in America have to live. What the #&*! can he  do? How about come out gay on social media and let everybody know about it? Then see what happens.

OMG! You won't believe what happens!

Want to laugh, cry, get all hot and bothered, and die every chapter over hot hunky dudes in love with each other? Plenty of that in store  ...

 Rated MATURE for boyxboy erotica, sensitive subject matter, and strong language.
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Raee111 Raee111 Sep 29
Yes  I am glad too I wish everyone did !  I am glad you made it out of there and can share your story. I cannot wait till it hits Amazon.  I know you are a huge social media guy but you should think about promoting it .
I can totally see why this could be a scandal. Ohio. Lived there once for w very short period of time... Very conservative state. 
                              By the way! Love your writing style!
I'm grateful too :3 not only to tell the story (which is am amazing one at that), but for the person you are today 😊
Jeez, I knew it was most likely bad in parts of the US, but I didn't think just how bad it could be. I didn't know this book was partly based on a true events and I didn't think any of it was relatable to you.
*raises hand* I WANNNA KNOW SOME OF THE PEOPLE YOU KNEW PLEASE!!! & also u actually live there
zack_river zack_river Jun 24
You are so lucky!!! I have never had a BF before.. just wish it would happen with me! :( Wish Trenton was there with you ;) Love you for that xD