Wings of Fire:

Wings of Fire:

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liighty By lightning-skybreaker Updated Jul 25

Guess who's jumping on the bandwagon

and guess who's getting computers?

that's right, two people wanted me to write a Wings of Fire Chat which is 2/2 suggestions, which of course you should know is a majority. Majority rules, let's get this started.

Warning: some spoilers for books!!!

"I'm dotty" I laughed! I love this book, @lightning-skybreaker !!!
This is to funny!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAA *Coughs* geez the pain of laughter
I have literally fallen out of my chair like three times while reading this!!!
Tsunami be nice no wait you can't. BURN!
                              BURN- What?!?!
                              Me- Nothing go die wait you already did BUR- wait no  BOOM
AlaskanWolf88 AlaskanWolf88 Oct 04, 2015
Lolz, I nearly kealed over,(my dog was stairing at me like I was crazy)
Ivantoth Ivantoth Feb 22, 2015
Does anyone noticed who obsessed Fatespeaker with Starflight?