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He is my butler

He is my butler

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Kentomi Sama By Kentomi-sama Updated Nov 05, 2016

   Nagi hurried to the car that was waiting for him outside of his school. His family hired a toutor to help him with his studies as well as being his own butler, and today as the first day of toutoring. When they reached the big, elegant, mansion, Nagi walked quickly to the front doors. The guards outside the doors opened them for him and Nagi thanked them. 

    Nagi went up to his father's room where he was told to wait for his butler in his room. Nagi went to his bedroom and waited quietly. A few minutes after he changed, he heard a knock on his door. 


  I hurried to answer the door. There was a tall, handsome guy with black hair and blue eyes. I felt my face blush as he smiled. "I'm sorry for staring. I'm Nagi. Thank you for coming,  Please come in." I said politely as he entered the room. "My names Luke, I'll be your butler and toutor for now, I hope we work well together." Luke said as he moved his long hair out of his face.

   We started studying Math and Englis...

yaoi_fangirl0959 yaoi_fangirl0959 Jun 08, 2016
What do u mean his parents are suddenly dead I mean I will f-find the k-killer rn oh! *hides bloody knife behind back* u 2 can kiss and have some smut the deed is done I mean their deed was done f-for ooonnly them *whispers* for me and every fangirl out there
"More a bodyguard then a butler" that is so Sebastian Michaelis
VirgoM08 VirgoM08 Jan 01
Imagine Sebastian chastising Luke for not being a good butler. After all, Sebastian IS one hell of a butler 😻
Justice-731 Justice-731 Jan 06, 2016
I thought it was gonna say red eyes and I was about to scream Sebastian xD