He's Agressive And I أحبها {BWWM} {Editing}

He's Agressive And I أحبها {BWWM} {Editing}

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~Sexual  Content 

    ~Strong Language 

  ~A hint of Bdsm

His Aggressive And I أحبها

Serving 10 years in person for the act of violence and murder. Grayson Adams was what you can call not easily moved, he has no heart for no one. He has a personality problem a serious one and he acts out of character.

But not until he met someone he never saw his self being with because she was black and he didn't believe dating out his race but he would for her. Trinity was her name Trinity smith.

أحبها>love it.

imbluee imbluee Feb 12
I think it's because you're Arabic and maybe English is your second language that I lost interest in this story. Nonetheless, write as you wish. It is only my opinion.
"Step ya p*ssy game up honey, get a job, own a business b*tch, s*ck a d!ck😂
I know those tattoos from anywhere my baby is in this book 😍😍😍
Arokin12 Arokin12 Sep 13
What race fit du with it 
                              If anything you should hire the black we black girls vicious(some of us)
- - Jun 09
Wtf, girl look at your life some boys are so fine that they look like god took his time creating that person
I'm sleep 😂😂 wasting all that education on babysitting prisoners