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My Wish (NaLu Short Story)

My Wish (NaLu Short Story)

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Wendy-chan By Lost_Alice Completed

Another NaLu!!?? Yes don't judge, I love NaLu. But I'm also fine with NaLi as well. Anyway... 
Natsu starts dating Lisanna. He seems so happy. The perfect couple. Lucy becomes jealous. Mira tells Lucy about a shard that will grant one wish to the person who uses it. 
She goes off on a journey to find the shard for one year. The guild is worried sick, even Lisanna and Natsu. 
Mira forgot to read a part about the shard, If you use the shard to make a wish, it will kill the person who uses it, absorbing their  life force. Natsu realizes something. He goes to stop Lucy, before she uses the shard.
Will he be to late?

"Lucy! " Natsu yells. 
Lucy turns around to face him. Tears swelled in her eyes. Natsu stood about ten feet away. 
" Don't! If you use the shard it will kill you! " Natsu yelled desperately. Lucy just smiles sadly.
" I know... " Lucy said. 
"Then Why? What could you possibly wish for that would make you want to throw away your Life!?" 
"I wish... "

If he wants to beat up the guy who hurt her, he better start punching his face
I'll give u clues about who the guy is 
                              1) he has salmon coloured hair 
                              2)he wears a white scale scarf
                              And the most important clue is
                              HE IS NATSU DRAGNEEL U DUMASS
I'm honestly as slow as Natsu tho so I can't say nothin 😂😂
I hate NaLi. Just saying you could love it don't even look at me!!
Jinxxlove Jinxxlove May 06
I might have.....accidentally.......killed Lisanna without knowing......and....... kidnapped that bad?
Zyra002 Zyra002 Feb 10
...wouldn't be more smart to tell her after you decided?? Cuz now if you say no, she'll go anyway.