Lonerism - BoyXBoy

Lonerism - BoyXBoy

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🖤 Clay 🖤 By Susurrations Updated 4 days ago

[Lonerism] - The state of being alone, the quality of unending loneliness.

One shot anthology about boys who fuck, fall in love, and tear each-other apart.

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iluvdiana iluvdiana 3 days ago
It was creepy as hell, it's 1:54 am rn but it's aight, I was kinda scared when I went to my room for a bit so I could fetch my charger but it's aight. Bless 💘
GenoSizz GenoSizz 4 days ago
This is so beautiful and a little weird. By the way, Is he him? A shadow version of him?
iluvdiana iluvdiana 3 days ago
Hoe my goodness, that gif you got up there is dripping cum. Indian Summers, Like Life, T. R. A. T. L. C 💘💘
iluvdiana iluvdiana 3 days ago
God, this reminds me just how bad I always depend on my mom. When I'm scared as hell,  she is literally the first person I call. Even at 19. How pathetic. Like really, it's so sad how much i depend on her yet all I do is be rude and argue 99% of the times when we are together.
Eccedente Eccedente 4 days ago
Idk. Like, I feel this way too. I always just chalk it up to me being a Leo but sometimes I truly think that I'm being watched and not even by a human
AkunoTenkuu AkunoTenkuu 3 days ago
Was Shadow Cobie before he became Shadow? Did he kill himself after he accidentally killed his lover, and stayed stuck because he was alone since the other one had already vanished? Is that why he was longing for that unlucky boy to follow him?