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Lonerism. - BoyXBoy

Lonerism. - BoyXBoy

52.9K Reads 2.3K Votes 21 Part Story
Clay By Susurrations Updated May 17

[Lonerism] - The state of being alone, the quality of unending loneliness
  One shot anthology about boys who fuck, fall in love, and tear each-other apart.
  (Ordered from newest to oldest, which means the latest update is always at the front)

If you marry me,
                              Would you bury me,
                              Would you carry me,
                              To the end?
DianaElijah DianaElijah 6 hours ago
Jesus is that even a question. Isn't it too obvious by now you are fascinated by such dark stories. God, LMAO 😂 😂 😂
AkunoTenkuu AkunoTenkuu May 17
It was really good. You seem to always make weird emotions pour out of my chest when I don't even think that I'm sad or angry or (hardly ever, with your stories) happy.
                              It felt real and unusually nice. Strangely enough. Calming.
Eccedente Eccedente May 17
I felt something in my gut with this one... Wow. It's so you and it's so great. Loved it.
DianaElijah DianaElijah 6 hours ago
God, what about pargutory? Or whatever it's called. What about hell? I mean, there is indeed life after death isn't it? Death is my worst fear and getting old. God I am 19 and I am shook af. I do not want to be twenty
DianaElijah DianaElijah 6 hours ago
God. What about purgatory? Roaming around earth is that not what they say? Sinners going to hell and what not. Death is scary 🎥