Lonerism - BoyXBoy

Lonerism - BoyXBoy

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🖤 Clay 🖤 By Susurrations Updated Sep 20

[Lonerism] - The state of being alone, the quality of unending loneliness.

One shot anthology about boys who fuck, fall in love, and tear each-other apart.

(Ordered from newest to oldest, which means the latest update is always at the front)

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Gab2303 Gab2303 Oct 25
Well that's just fine! Say it once say, say it twice. Take a chance and roll the dice.
It was creepy as hell, it's 1:54 am rn but it's aight, I was kinda scared when I went to my room for a bit so I could fetch my charger but it's aight. Bless 💘
GenoSizz GenoSizz Sep 20
This is so beautiful and a little weird. By the way, Is he him? A shadow version of him?
Hoe my goodness, that gif you got up there is dripping cum. Indian Summers, Like Life, T. R. A. T. L. C 💘💘
God, this reminds me just how bad I always depend on my mom. When I'm scared as hell,  she is literally the first person I call. Even at 19. How pathetic. Like really, it's so sad how much i depend on her yet all I do is be rude and argue 99% of the times when we are together.
Eccedente Eccedente Sep 20
Idk. Like, I feel this way too. I always just chalk it up to me being a Leo but sometimes I truly think that I'm being watched and not even by a human