Feel Again - Percabeth A.U.

Feel Again - Percabeth A.U.

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Two years ago, Annabeth Chase attempted to take her own life
after breaking up with Luke Castellan. She never got over it. Now,
after moving to New York and attending Goode High, she meets a boy
that changes everything. Percabeth, Jasper, Frazel, and Caleo. If you look very closely, you might see a tiny, small but of Thalico.


Awesome cover by @devon3901

"Promise me that you'll love me. Even when you hate me." - Meredith Grey
                              God this just gives me the feel so bad. Why did u have to die Derek. Sorry about that. My rant of the day.
Is she talking about Percy? Oh gods if she's talking about Percy I'm gonna freaking cry
No *takes a big breath*
                              Wat the *******
                              This is not ok how did her dad not see this comin how did he let her get a knife.  Excuse me I am so sorry for that outburst but are u f**** kiding me!?!
Thank you for not making Annabeth Alexandra  Daddario. I hate it when people do that.
Livsgirl Livsgirl Aug 16
ok well umm.... wow.... this is..... not how I thought this fanfic would be starting off....wow....
- - Aug 03, 2015
I find it hilarious that Annabeth almost went suicide and you said hi