Forged by Fire: The Grandmaster's Son Book 1

Forged by Fire: The Grandmaster's Son Book 1

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Revenge. At first, it seemed simple to Liam Oswald. 

When he was only six years old, he witnessed the brutal murders of his mother and father. So Liam had dedicated his life to finding his parents' killers and bringing them to justice. After all, he was the son of Willem Oswald, the Grandmaster of Ontavia's paladins, and Naya Oswald, a Master Paladin herself. Surely, Liam, too, was bound to become a great paladin, perhaps even the next Grandmaster.

Then he would be powerful enough to hunt down the Red Paladins that had killed his parents. Then he would be powerful enough to have what he deserved. Revenge. 

But when Liam goes undercover as Ozwell Stahl, he quickly learns that nothing is that simple in Ontavia. Attacked from within and without by decadence and darkness, the nation desperately needs good people to steer it back on course.  Liam must decide if he can give up his personal need for vengeance and, instead,  join those who seek justice for everyone in Ontavia.

Revenge. Somehow it no longer seemed simple. 

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Welcome to the life of the paladin! "Forged by Fire" is the first novel in my epic illustrated fantasy adventure called "The Grandmaster's Son." This is a work of love for my children and for the many children, young adults, and adults I am blessed to have as part of my life. Please let me know what you think about the story, the writing, and the illustrations (starting with the cover) as I add them.  Your votes and comments mean a great deal to me.