All an Act (Markiplier x Reader)

All an Act (Markiplier x Reader)

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You are a local drama teacher who has been dealing with some rough times.  When a handsome, young man named Mark joins your class, things begin to change.


Hey guys! As a warning, this story does deal with self harm, depression, etc. I hope this will open some people's eyes to the hardships many mask. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  • selfharm
That’s dangerous of you to throw your laptop and then LEAVE IT ON YOUR BED OVERNIGHT. THATS HOW FIRES START. and no, I’m not angry with you author-chan, just wanting to rant a little. 😘
LazyCastiel LazyCastiel May 15, 2017
You might get food poisoning. That's what you should definitely worry about
LabreenaTeena67 LabreenaTeena67 Oct 10, 2017
I prefer a Caramel Macchiato because I love caramel... but ya know, you can't go wrong with tea.
Kasai_Okami68 Kasai_Okami68 Aug 01, 2017
Whenever a character asks themselves this, 
                              usually everything.
sansisbae1318 sansisbae1318 Oct 22, 2017
ok i haven't even read the chapter yet, but i read the description and i want to make a comic if this.  So can i? ill send you it on Instagram in a couple months. or i could do one chapter. or can i make a cover....ok please get back to me soon!