bangtan's diary

bangtan's diary

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Zachio !i By Zachi0 Updated Nov 30, 2015

#1 imagines that you and V are married and your first children ready to go to the toddler. what do you think V will said to your children? (you know, V is extraordinary, so... beware bout what he say. ^^)

#2 imagine that you're going to have a date with jin. he came with a pink tee shirt with Mario on it. what do you think?

#3 imagine that you loves cosplay. and for your birthday, your childhood friend, suga, wear a anime costume. what kind of anime costume do you think it'll be?

#4 imagine that you ask j-hope to go with you to a famous skin care shop. when you about to paid your things, j-hope bought a lot of things. what do you think he'll buy the most?

#5 imagine that you're the smartest student in SOPA and jungkook asked you about one subject. what of subject do you think it'll be?

#6 you have a crush on rapmon, and he agreed to have one date with you and he decided to go to cinema. you know that he likes horror, but you hate it. what would you do?

#7 you're ARMY and also jim...

RyanRoswilCampomanes RyanRoswilCampomanes Dec 27, 2015
No I will rape him😈 hahahahaha just kiddning of course Yes!