All I Got (Thug Love)

All I Got (Thug Love)

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nikaa By tinyyy_xo Updated Nov 20

Tameka (Meek/Meeks) Washington is 18 is in a relationship with her abusive boyfriend Sleezy(30) who is a drug dealer. They've been together for a year and the abuse is only getting worse. After finding out she is pregnant with Sleezy's child, What will he do now?

Jaquan(18), Jaydon(24) and Justin(30) Harris are 3 brothers who are also involved in the drug game and don't have a care in the world. Justin is already Kingpin and has his 2 brothers as his main men. They live well above their means and just want to make MONEY.

What Will happen when these 3 brothers meet Meek & see how she's being treated by their "Frienemy" Sleezy? Which brother will want Nothing more than to hold show Meek how she should be treated.

marceeyy marceeyy Nov 14
Girl u better walk right back in and flush 😕 no matter what cleanliness is key!
So Far I'm Enjoying Your Book I Started On A Book Of My Own But Stopped Comparing My Book To Anyone Else It's Not That Great Of A Book If You Have Time Can You Try Reading It
Why da faq u lyin why u always lyin ohh myy gawd stop fuckin lying XD
Ion know if it's cause I just woke up .... But I'm crying 😭
nyii01 nyii01 Apr 12, 2015
I did and I enjoy ALL your book,...keep doing what you do ..........XoXo :*
nyii01 nyii01 Apr 12, 2015
so I'm trying to read ALL your books, I think this is the last one I'm not sure.. but ur awesome as usual...