All I Got (Thug Love)

All I Got (Thug Love)

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nikaa By tinyyy_xo Updated Nov 20, 2016

Tameka (Meek/Meeks) Washington is 18 is in a relationship with her abusive boyfriend Sleezy(30) who is a drug dealer. They've been together for a year and the abuse is only getting worse. After finding out she is pregnant with Sleezy's child, What will he do now?

Jaquan(18), Jaydon(24) and Justin(30) Harris are 3 brothers who are also involved in the drug game and don't have a care in the world. Justin is already Kingpin and has his 2 brothers as his main men. They live well above their means and just want to make MONEY.

What Will happen when these 3 brothers meet Meek & see how she's being treated by their "Frienemy" Sleezy? Which brother will want Nothing more than to hold show Meek how she should be treated.

marceeyy marceeyy Nov 14, 2016
Girl u better walk right back in and flush 😕 no matter what cleanliness is key!
Trvp_Pimpcess Trvp_Pimpcess Jun 10, 2016
So Far I'm Enjoying Your Book I Started On A Book Of My Own But Stopped Comparing My Book To Anyone Else It's Not That Great Of A Book If You Have Time Can You Try Reading It
xxblackdontxx xxblackdontxx Jun 16, 2016
Why da faq u lyin why u always lyin ohh myy gawd stop fuckin lying XD
PoeeticJustice PoeeticJustice Sep 17, 2016
Ion know if it's cause I just woke up .... But I'm crying 😭
nyii01 nyii01 Apr 12, 2015
I did and I enjoy ALL your book,...keep doing what you do ..........XoXo :*
nyii01 nyii01 Apr 12, 2015
so I'm trying to read ALL your books, I think this is the last one I'm not sure.. but ur awesome as usual...