The Auction [h.s]

The Auction [h.s]

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"We'll start the bids at one million!"

My heart was racing, please let this be some horrible nightmare. Everything was silent except for some murmurs going on somewhere farther in front of me.

"Let us see her eyes!" Someone exclaimed and I heard footsteps approach me. My hair was pulled, causing my head to fall back and slam into what felt like bars. The cloth that blinded me was loosened and fell down. 

There was a bright light shining on me, I squinted my eyes and looked ahead. There were bars, I was trapped in what looked like a giant bird cage. I was on display on a stage for a crowd of strangers, each one of them wearing a mask like you would in a masquerade.

"Two million!"

"Five million!"

Bids flew around the room, I could feel myself trembling, I had to hold back my tears.

"Twenty million!" Someone called out and I couldn't see who did, but it silenced the entire room.

"Twenty million going once, twenty million going twice..." No one wanted to make a higher bid. "Sold for twenty million! Take her to the back boys."

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Ballin' like the March Madness
                              All these cops shooting n***** tragic
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I read this with no wifi and now i do, so I'm back to the first chapter to vote on all of them. :) I love this story!!!!