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Diabolik Lover's: The Sakamaki's Princess (On Hiatus!)

Diabolik Lover's: The Sakamaki's Princess (On Hiatus!)

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Anonymous By physcoticangel Updated Jul 05, 2016

Emiko Sakamaki, full blooded sister to; Laito, Kanato and Ayato Sakamaki.
Half sister to; Shuu, Reiji and Subaru Sakamaki.
Emiko Sakamaki, the youngest out of the quadruplets was always ignored by her Mother and Stepmothers, she was the only girl and was 'unneeded', but her brother's didn't want to let her feel that way, she was the brother's light the shining 'moon'( :P) in there dark world, she was the tape that pulled them together, until the mother's, Cordelia and Beatrix (Christa was in the tower), had saw Emiko as a distraction, dragged Emiko into the forest and tortured Emiko, leaving Emiko to bleed to death. Karl Heinz found his daughter hazed out from blood loss on the edge of death's door, in order to save his daughter, he had put Emiko in a deep slumber.
"Sleep my child, you'll wake when you're ready." 
Meanwhile, the brothers are worried sick when they saw there mothers (except Subarus) come out of the forest bloody and insanely smiling, when the brothers couldn't find their dear sister, they figured she was dead. 
Now, years later a coffin was mysteriously placed in the Sakamaki mansion, and when opened was the biggest surprise the brothers had.
Read to find out Emiko's story, and the people she met. Who, not only affected her but the brothers also.

Yeah what a great letter because the writer of the letter is to lazy
I dotnlike yui either she is to weak! Also she is flatter then a freaking ironing board
imacutepotato101 imacutepotato101 Nov 09, 2016
Yui's a slut and I stopped watching the anime and forgot most off it
younnie- younnie- Aug 29, 2016
I'll be honest... The first time I saw Kanato, I thought he would sound like Juuzo or something. idk :p
PureS4kura PureS4kura Jan 07
Neither do I.
                              Please tell me that you are planning on killing her off sometime later in the story.
Yas me too. Let that bitch die. Tear off her punt and pathetic limbs and place her in the eternal hot box where she belongs!!! 😅