Haruhi X Reader/OC

Haruhi X Reader/OC

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✧*°UF22°*✧ By Unicornfu22 Completed

Your name is Maddie, and someone's moving next door. Someone very peculiar. You decide to talk to her... What could go wrong?

(POV changes at some point... 'you' becomes 'I')


I have a a group of 7-8 friends who know im bi, 2 of them think its gross that i like girls as well, 1 of them thinks im jokeing, another of my good friends is an ace(not in a relationship ever ,kind) and understands, and th e outhers dont pay attention to me and acutally care.
Word flaps reminds me of sea flap flaps....or sea-pancakes... same thing
wolffan26 wolffan26 Nov 05
im gay wll.. lesbian and im daing a realy cute girl but i mostly like the twins but i read thiz cause why not :3
flyingcoffehouse flyingcoffehouse Jul 03, 2016
That's me except my hair is red and my eyes are ice blue... LIKE THE ATLANTIC AND IM GOING DOWN LIKE THE TITANIC!!!!
                              (Star Trek is bae)
N_othing_23 N_othing_23 Feb 18, 2016
I cannot believe how me this is. It sounds and looks just like me.
flyingcoffehouse flyingcoffehouse Jul 03, 2016
I HAD TO HAVE THAT CONVERSATION WITH A FRIEND OF MINE IT WAS REALLY AWKWARD *shivers* oh, Rachel... You poor, sweet, innocent girl...