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My Abductor

My Abductor

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50ShadesOfMarkiplier By 50shadesofmarkiplier Completed

    After a long day I put my groceries away and go in the bathroom and take a shower. After being under the hot water for a good half an hour, I come out putting on a baggy T-shirt and a pair of shorts. I start playing around with my makeup, I love to try out new looks especially at night when I get to relax and listen to music while doing it. I hum to the song that was playing on my playlist and I hear a faint squeak exactly like the one from my steps. I immediately feel like there is somebody else here. For safety precautions I grab a knife from near by and turn my music off. I walk outside my room and I see a man confidentially walk to me. 
"Come ooon be a good girl and put the knife down" the dark figure tells me. 
"I'm not known to be 'good' " I say back at him keeping the knife in my hand.
"Neither am I so drop the damn knife and I wont hurt you" he says in a demanding tone of voice. 
"What do you want from ME" I ask.
D: "You are what I want.....(y/n)"
I freeze for a moment and ...

LiSuper LiSuper Sep 18, 2016
Okay so pretty quickly we got abducted THEN we CASUALLY walk to his car and CASUALLY go into the bedroom and just everything is CASUAL. Wtf.
madjullol3 madjullol3 Jun 21, 2016
Wilford just like " Y'all be fuckin in here!?" And I'm just like " WTF Wilford!?"
Skylaramix Skylaramix Apr 23, 2016
My question is, how did W think that they did 'it' in such a small amount of time?
                              The guy must be faster than Sonic xD
spookyboy- spookyboy- Aug 12, 2016
He just randomly came in her house cut her leg and took her to his place and threw her in the bedroom 😂😂👏 Wwwwow
spookyboy- spookyboy- Aug 12, 2016
And everyone keeps calling W "Wilford" like dafuq its obviously wade
schulyer schulyer Aug 14, 2016
how can you "casually walk" if ye leg just got sliced
                              I barley can walk when I leg cramp