Kidnapped By 5 Sexy Greek Gods

Kidnapped By 5 Sexy Greek Gods

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What would you do if you got kidnapped by 5 Sexy Greek Gods? 

Freak out right? 

Wrong. You run. 

But that didn't turn out so great now did it? Because I'm still here, aren't I? 

My names Amelia Tate and I've been kidnapped by 5 Sexy Greek Gods.

maiah101 maiah101 Nov 05
Lol me all day  Hispanic and don't speak Hispanic and my friends talk in Spanish and I'm like hello
Twenty one pilots wrote a song with that tittle and I love both of them
boogirl1404 boogirl1404 Nov 14
I have a nose piercing on the left side and its a silver hoop
I pictured the funniest thing I've ever imagined in my life when I read that
Is anyone going to address the fact that her last name is Tate (all my teen wolf people will understand)
Hollyyyyy21 Hollyyyyy21 Oct 24
I run everyday and do sports everyday.... yeah. Sad life but I need a good body heh