Fairytail Book of One-Shots

Fairytail Book of One-Shots

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PoisonDragonQueen By BrittyPS_333 Updated Jun 14, 2015

Hello! So this book is just what the title says, a Fairytail book of One-Shots. This Includes everyone's FAVORITE Dragon Slayers and MORE!


I'm always happy to hear from my readers and interact with them! 
Originally I was going to make this booklet just Reader x Character but I've decided that if you would like to see your favorite ship in a one-shot JUST ASK! ^_^ 

No judging here so request anything!
That goes for...

Just comment below the Characters names and genre (romance, friendship, lemon, etc.), then I'll try my hardest to make your one-shot come to *throws sparkles* LIFE!

ALRIGHTY lets get started now shall we? ^3^ FOLLOW ME!! *Grabs Reader-Chan's hand and enters the world of Fairytail*

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I really wish I could be as good a writer as you! This is a great story!