Fear⚣Lilo Mpreg✔️

Fear⚣Lilo Mpreg✔️

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Brendon Weekes By CockyLilo Completed

'I believed he loved me in his own special way;
The scars I needn't show;
There was nowhere else to go.

I said I was happy to be his girl;
If only I had known,
Those words weren't my own'

Liam has anger problems,and he just so happens to like using his boyfriend Louis as a punching bag

[Lilo Mpreg]


[Warnings-Abuse,Rape and other sexual actions,strong language and Eating disorders]

All rights reserved 2015®CockyLilo

Cover: @babydoll

I'm pretty turned on. But Louis is so smol and he is just 4. Why lima does this to him?!
I don't really ship lilo but maybe this book will change my mind
this is only the prologue and yet this is so good already. so excited to read x
I wanna say I started reading this ages ago but I dont remember
xoSkylarxo xoSkylarxo May 12, 2015
OMG WHY I AM JUST DISCOVERING THIS!???! Im gonna read it for sure but I just have to get through my finals ;/! But I will be back
JessLynn1245 JessLynn1245 Mar 19, 2015
Yessss just in time for the roller coaster!!! I'm glad I'm not too far behind on the updates for this story!!