Fear⚣Lilo Mpreg✔️

Fear⚣Lilo Mpreg✔️

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Brendon Weekes By CockyLilo Completed

'I believed he loved me in his own special way;
The scars I needn't show;
There was nowhere else to go.

I said I was happy to be his girl;
If only I had known,
Those words weren't my own'

Liam has anger problems,and he just so happens to like using his boyfriend Louis as a punching bag

[Lilo Mpreg]


[Warnings-Abuse,Rape and other sexual actions,strong language and Eating disorders]

All rights reserved 2015®CockyLilo

Cover: @babydoll

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Samanthaammy Samanthaammy Sep 21, 2016
I'm pretty turned on. But Louis is so smol and he is just 4. Why lima does this to him?!
LouisIsInFactGay LouisIsInFactGay May 19, 2016
I don't really ship lilo but maybe this book will change my mind
britishviand britishviand Apr 16, 2016
this is only the prologue and yet this is so good already. so excited to read x
averagepayne averagepayne Jul 22, 2016
I wanna say I started reading this ages ago but I dont remember
xoSkylarxo xoSkylarxo May 12, 2015
OMG WHY I AM JUST DISCOVERING THIS!???! Im gonna read it for sure but I just have to get through my finals ;/! But I will be back
JessLynn1245 JessLynn1245 Mar 19, 2015
Yessss just in time for the roller coaster!!! I'm glad I'm not too far behind on the updates for this story!!