The Rush of Wings (boyxboy)

The Rush of Wings (boyxboy)

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Riley A By AFoxAteMySocks Updated Dec 09, 2015

Jace Daniel's has never really fit in, even before he lost his family in a car crash that he was the only one to walk away from alive. The thing is, he wasn't surprised when he woke up alive after passing out to broken bones and a punctured lung, because ever since he was born, he had healed at a rate that was not humanly possible. His father looked upon him like he was a monster and treated him like one, while his mother had always called him her little angel, her miracle. They, along with his younger sister were long gone now, and after surviving the foster care system for three years, Jace was finally eighteen and free, but for how long?

Life as a drug dealer is bound to get him into some trouble soon, and when it does, how the hell will he get out of it? He has no family, well no family that he is aware of. That's until his lawyer, who knows there is no way some orphaned kid who had a knack for getting himself into trouble, would be able to afford the fine of drug possession. So he took it upon himself to try and get into contact with Jace's mothers family, a family that lived an ocean away, a family that she had run away from nineteen years ago.  Guess it's time for for Jace to find out why his mum ran away and chose to live in Australia with his abusive father.

This is a story I wrote when I was thirteen while traveling around Europe with my Nan. I'm Nineteen now and only just found this story again and have decided to completely re write it since it was an okay idea but defiantly needs some improvement.

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