Alpha Mate

Alpha Mate

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Charlotte Adams

I woke up to cool fresh air. It was the first day of my second to last year of high school at Ehosan High School, and I was terrified. Why? Well, because my 2 year boyfriend, Mike, cheated on me with my ex-best friend at one of his buddies 'Last day of School' parties. I had gone with him but since the music was way too loud, I had decided to go outside for a breath of fresh air. Of course I wasn't drinking at that moment, but Mike was. I was stupid for letting him alone, but I thought he wouldn't do anything stupid considering how long we've been together. He told me he loved me, but thankfully I had chosen to not sleep with him because I was nervous and not ready. He has always been sneaky but never knew why. I pushed it to the back of my mind. I had not realized how long I was out, but it turned out to be a long time. When I realized that, I had gone inside to look for him. At first I couldn't find him, and I started to worry that he did do something stupi...

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- - Oct 25, 2017
Wow just by how you wrote that I can tell they were having sex. the way you wrote it just shows when you write you really know how to express something without saying it
Book_Queen_55 Book_Queen_55 Jul 05, 2016
Maybe they didn't have sex? Maybe they were both to wasted to know if they did/didn't and just took your word that they slept together?  I mean, you didn't see what they were doing, for all you know, they could have just been laughing about random s***, and you took things the wrong way.
logan1927 logan1927 Oct 12, 2016
How do you know he cheated? They could just be having a drunk conversation in a room
ashleyforeverlouis ashleyforeverlouis Aug 30, 2015
You mean welldicks? I'd yell it out loud and proud just to piss him off. Lol :)))
youngwriter9011 youngwriter9011 Feb 01, 2013
Lovvveed it i usually get bored of the beginning of stories but u have caught my attention with urs i xant wait to keep reading ur story;)