The Runaway Bride

The Runaway Bride

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abby <3 By SeekingInnerPeace Updated Dec 27, 2016

Love is incredible. When we love, we desire, we want, we obsess. What happens when what you desire is not what is written for you? What happens when what you love is not meant for you? What happens when what you obsess ruins you. Forever. And the only option left for Asley to fix her broken pieces was to return back to what she feared, what she hated, what she ran away from. 

Asley had always loved waleed. They had a bond stronger than none other. But her parents had other plans for her, and marrying her off to Ayan was one of them. 
Choosing to be a Runaway Bride was her only option on her forceful wedding day. What is even worse is that she ends up in the arms of Ayan.
Shattered, Hopeless, and ruined...

Find out more that follows.
This is like a roller coaster with turns twists and falls.
Once you get on, there is no turning back, Tissue boxes are Highly recommended. 
Give this journey of emotions a Chance.

mfdiamond mfdiamond Jun 16, 2016
All the memories are being refreshed. The Qatar History lesson when you first told me about the book😢😢😢😢
                              I'm officially in tears right now😢😢
mfdiamond mfdiamond Jun 16, 2016
I can't believe that I finally got the courage to re-read this book, the book which consists of so many of our memories. Just read the introduction again and I'm already in tears. I can't wait to meet you again
Tahsin_Rifah Tahsin_Rifah Jul 03, 2015 was sooooo funnnyyy...hahahahah
sanashoukat1 sanashoukat1 Jul 01, 2015
Amazing start, a runaway bride! ♡ 
                              can't wait to read more! :)
Kulsum1105 Kulsum1105 Mar 11, 2015
I love the storyline though refrain from using capitalisation to depict a person shouting :) can't wait to read more
- - Mar 05, 2015
The cover photo is of a Indian show jodha something right ?? In Hindi