Tokyo Ghoul: She's Mine Forever {Ayato K} ✓

Tokyo Ghoul: She's Mine Forever {Ayato K} ✓

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Erica Dream By eunioaa Updated Jul 14

                            ●C O M P L E T E D●

Time had seem to suddenly stop as I leaned in towards her. Caressing her cheek, I placed my lips on hers gently.

"I love you, Aiko."

Then as quickly as I said this, I gave her the signal and her barrier was removed.  Beginning to turn away from her, I heard a soft whisper.

"I love you too, Ayato."






I used to be all those words but that all changed when she came. She was my light when I was in the dark. She was the one who changed my whole world, my whole life. There is not one thing I wouldn't do for her because my love for her was too strong. I would be there in her time of need and doubt.She was the only thing I could think about. My beautiful sunshine. I would always love her, protect her and care for her.


Because she's mine forever.
published: 2/15/2015
©copyright { 2015 }.❁. eunioaa
⚠mild profanity and sexy scenes

* breaths in deeply *  * takes a sip of tea* * goes to work*  * comes back and wastes whole day* *breathes out heavily *    
                              thATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!!
                              SHOTS FIRED
BriTheNerd1 BriTheNerd1 Jul 23
Begin reading ohh this one looks good. 
                              "I can heal myself" and not a ghoul 
                              Sigh........ yay nice to meet you Mary Sue
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Besides I already have had my life change. I was told where babies come from when I was 4. So top that.
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Lol violet dun let me live coz I dun want to get married or have any creep kids
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Well is their a Lemon... *gets a Kurig out and brews a cup of coffee*... because I came here for a Lemon.... *spikes the coffee with some whiskey*.... but I can wait patiently....* sits in a comfy arm chair next to a fire place in a fancy room*...very patiently.
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id be 16 or 17?? In 2020 Wow no wonder why ppl say I act old for my age I pretty much act like a grandma anyways 😂😂