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Kylie By TheDeviousAngel Updated Aug 08, 2010

"I was born into this world, but I wouldn't end here..."

Butterfly is a story about the young and beautiful Hemera, seventh Basileion princess of the Kingdom Tharseo. All her life she has dreamed of the other "Worlds" her mother told her about as a child, and now, at seventeen years of age she will finally be given the chance to explore them. But as she gets further into a whirlpool of excitement, her Dreamland turns into a Nightmare before she has the chance to get out.

This is her story.

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TheDeviousAngel TheDeviousAngel Dec 29, 2010
@Allouette Haha thanks.
                              Yeah so have I... yknow life catchin up to me and all! :P
                              THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU!
Allouette Allouette Nov 09, 2010
Wow, this sounds excellent. It has been like so long since you've written it! The next part would be awesome. XD
                              (I would've checked it out earlier but I've been AWOL from wattpad <.<)
                              I love the way you write.
spazzxstick spazzxstick Aug 18, 2010
                              I haven't had the time to read til now.
                              I feel like such a jerk for not commentinnnng fast enough ><
                              I LOVE it and er. dude. wheres the next part ?
                              : DD cedesx