i belong to the bad boys! {Wattys 2016}

i belong to the bad boys! {Wattys 2016}

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lilianniani By lilianniani Updated Aug 16, 2018

Hey My name is Jessyca Colton and this is my life story about how I, been my old boring badass self, managed to have caught the four baddest bad boys in Geogian High , by the way here ,they are commonly known as the 'Four Knights ' or 'Lightners',to be honest I have no idea why people chooses to call them that?!Anyway More stuffs about me and them?
Well the members of bad boys are;

Nick Johnson, The cold quiet leader with a kind heart for his friends only, however, he somehow gave an exception to Jessyca.
Jake Swifter, The jokester which is also able to make someone that had just been to a funeral, burst out in laughter.
Kevin Culloy, He is so scary that most of the teachers that taught him have resigned, hoping they will never meet him ever again.
Marc Lawrenn, He is, the one guy that you need to make sure that you don't get on his bad side, I mean he loves pranks so much that one day the prank might be on you!

So these four souls, have been united by the same darkness which means that none of them can get out of it especially since they are bounded by the same dark bloody secrets which take away the little sanity they have left.Nobody knows that because it is all happening in their heads. Anyway ,the moment they met Jessyca Colton then her fate were sealed to theirs even though she might not notice it but she just got involved with people that are able to completely break her, which would be easy to do especially since she was already in verge of breaking, however, they can also be the medicine to heal her broken hearts which is full of pain, that she had to endure all of her life.

Anyway, join Jessyca in her adventure, especially since her past comes back for her, One thing for sure that this is gonna one heck of a last year in high school, before going to university, If you put a bad ass girl with some 4 misunderstood bad boys then ;
Another thing is for sure is that they will be loads of ddrraamma, tears, crush,friendships,,fights,parties.

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