Amaimon x Reader  "Sweet Like Candy" Lemon

Amaimon x Reader "Sweet Like Candy" Lemon

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Ayisei By ScereneFogs Completed

You are the new student from U.S.A. You  had to move to Japan to attend a new class called "Cram School" to begin your exorcist training in your new school known as "True Cross Academy". Little did you know, a certain green-haired demon was watching your every move, inspecting you. Until one day, he decided to speak to you. Your heart fluttered, skipping a beat in the process.

This would be me if I wasn't at risk of getting my face bashed in.
Whenever I bow, my glasses fall off. Needless to say, I'm just a big ball of awkwardness. XD
Have you ever actually been on a plane? Because planes don't just "jut forward".
Hope_Holloway Hope_Holloway Nov 11, 2016
I've always been slightly jealous of mifisto's limo cause when I was little I always wanted a pink limo.
dominckcremeans dominckcremeans Feb 19, 2015
really good i knew you could do so you do it every time you write and very descriptive good job