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he's mine - h2ovanoss

he's mine - h2ovanoss

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꧁ ♔ ꧂ By Viktor-Nikiforov- Updated Aug 04, 2015

(I wrote this book when I was very young. Keep in mind my grammar/spelling, isn't the best. So, please do forgive any errors. Thank you.) 

 hi I haven't see you guys in a long time I been busy with things but what ever well hope you like this and let's start 



"WAKE UP YOU PIECE OF SHIT" my mom screamed out my door as she kicked it "I'm coming" I said to her I quickly stood up made my bed and went to my closet to get my uniform. I put it on and went to my bathroom I fixed my hair and brush my teeth I got my shoes from the bathroom and my mask I went to my room and sat on my bed I then put on my shoes along with my mask and went out my bedroom door. I went down stairs wen I felt someone push me and made me fall I was rolling down the stairs hitting every inch of my body. wen I reach the bottom I turned around to see my mom laughing at me I looked to the front again and felt someone kicking me.

"AAH!!" I screamed in pain as the kick...

Oh so you're STALLING (get it he can't admit he's being abused and stalls it by asking to go to the bathroom where there are stalls... ok I'm sorry)
Totally_Max Totally_Max Jul 16, 2016
There's different types of popular at my school its hard to deal with :'(
skeleton_clique29 skeleton_clique29 Jun 07, 2016
Y read as in a very fast girls voice and ut sounded so weird😂😂😂
mossidy_ mossidy_ Aug 18, 2016
Oh-u-u-u-uhhhhhhh... "Is she serious freaking out about people who aren't real again"-friend
CauseWhyNot18 CauseWhyNot18 Jun 03, 2016
* Hides a bat behind back.* HEY TYLER BUDDY!! Can I speak to you in private?
Ploffot Ploffot Sep 09, 2016
"Suprise bitćh!" Evan says.
                              Delirious flips him off.
                              "Alright alright all right!" Evan says.