Secret Nerd Crush

Secret Nerd Crush

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Clara Hill is a popular 17 year old who is someone you would say, is a complete, utterly diva. But she doesn't think so. Clara's life is perfect shes rich,beautiful and has a super hot sexy boyfriend. But until one day she bumps into a cute boy nerd. And her popular, attractive self turns into a-a well you just have to read and see.

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Donutz_Life Donutz_Life Jul 28, 2016
What every kid wants to be 
                              After they grow up I want to have money to eat today
sareena_15 sareena_15 Aug 08, 2016
Bish plz I have  my own best bitches list and you must be tripping if you think you on their smh basic ho😂
MariaNazos MariaNazos 20 hours ago
Please no! Go marry a cute nerd!
                              Yes I love nerds I think they are cute 😊🍕
Captain_Ashlei Captain_Ashlei Jul 27, 2016
Like I'm sorry I am being rude to this character but people like his always make me so mad... I get pissed off by people pretty easily
MariaNazos MariaNazos 20 hours ago
OMG! That's the best idea! You better buy 2 pugs and 1corgi !
puppys_and_anime puppys_and_anime Dec 22, 2016
I don't think that is possible for you with that ugly personality.