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One Big Akatsuki Family

One Big Akatsuki Family

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naomi By cream1234321 Updated Dec 10, 2016

Sakura, Hinata, Ino, and Tenten were all daughters of Konan and Pein from the Akatsuki. One day they are found and taken to Konoha where they're given new families. While that happens, the Akatsuki are searching for their lil ones. Read and find out what happens (Characters may/will be OOC, just warning) Rated K for now. Cover by kartasmita from DA.

MilayTheKunoichi MilayTheKunoichi Nov 25, 2016
Or kiba x tenten or kiba x Hinata shikamaru x ino sai x Sakura sai x ino lee x tenten lee x Sakura
Kyuubichan662 Kyuubichan662 Dec 09, 2016
Aren't you God???? Well if your not then can I be leader of the Akatsuki????
                              Pein: AW HELL NO!!! MOMMY!!!!
Kyuubichan662 Kyuubichan662 Dec 09, 2016
Pein... I swear to god that if you hurt Konan you will most likely be dead. Here meh bruh?
                              Pein: *gulps* Yeppers....
Kyuubichan662 Kyuubichan662 Dec 09, 2016
Wait a f*cking minute... Does Hinata have her Byakugan and Ino her Mind Transfer? Just asking.
LeDabs LeDabs Nov 08, 2016
Kyuubichan662 Kyuubichan662 Dec 09, 2016
Ho sh*t!!! Better do it Pein!!! Cuz... I don't want ma hand broken!!