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If you wish upon a star. Eren x Levi

If you wish upon a star. Eren x Levi

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Jordan Brooks By this_isnt_fair_ Completed

This fanfic takes place in modern times, therefore no titans. Eren is going into his 1st year of high school. Eren finds it a little hard fitting in. He finds it even harder when he realizes he has fallen for a troublemaker. How will his friends react? Will they leave him? Will they support him? Read to find out! This is my 1st fanfic, I'll accept constructive criticism, but please no hate comments. This fanfic will contain yaoi (Boy xBoy) so if you are offended by that sort of stuff don't read. Enjoy!

thebrightneko thebrightneko Sep 04, 2016
I read that as 
                              Hi! Armin nice to meet you whats your name 
                              And i was like eren your so stupid then i reread it
55444444442e 55444444442e Nov 28, 2016
I'm wearing a mcr shirt right now so I was like "me to boi!!" Kill me
Kittysnacher Kittysnacher Oct 25, 2016
Maria high... I see what u did there...
                              But I would have gone with wall Sena... why... 
                              So I could say
                              JOHN CENA
Shineba-Chan Shineba-Chan Oct 23, 2016
                              I DON'T LIKE YOUR BROTHER
                              Mikasa: NO WAY(NO WAY)
                              DON'T YOU DARE TRASH TALK EREN
                              Annie: HEY(HEY)
                              I MEANT YOUR BRO LEVI
                              (-to the tune of Girlfriend by Avril Levine-)
_trashlie_ _trashlie_ Jul 10, 2016
That's not the only thing you'll be absorbing coming from levi (ifyaknowwatimsayin)😏
wolfmoonhowler wolfmoonhowler Dec 02, 2016
Daddy where'd you meet papa?
                              At a horrible place darling
                              Where is that?
                              A bus with sweaty ppl at judgmental looks that stare into your soul when they turn their heads at an impossible angle just to--
                              You could've just said you didn't want to talk about it, JEEZ!