This is My Territory

This is My Territory

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Alex Monroe By AlexMonroe Updated Aug 13

Percy Jackson. A.K.A. Hottest boy in school. Dancer, singer and most popular. Boyfriend to Annabeth Chase, smartest girl around and valedictorian. 

Jason Grace. Star football player. Cocky, arrogant asshole. Player. Boyfriend to Piper McLean, most of the time at least, head cheerleader, and love expert. 

Nico di Angelo. Outcast, loner, depressed. Hella good at art and cooking. Always picked on by Percy and Jason. No friends. Only talks to Hazel, his half sister, and Leo. 

Percy and Jason both need 2 arts credits. So, they both get stuck in Culinary and Art. With Nico. Who is not, in any way shape or form, happy at all. 

Trigger warnings for slight eating disorder, maybe self harm, rape/non-con

Classic Group Project 
                              Me: *does all the work and puts in extra so it's amazhang*
                              Group of slackers: Wow! This look great! TEAMWORK!!!!
                              Me: Wtf, you guys sat on those chairs and talked the whole time?! What?! Teamwork is for people who WORK!!!!
Wow. At least Mr. D only had to deal with demigods. Regular kids are a million times worse. *shiver shiver*
brebre66111 brebre66111 Aug 27
i don't even ship it but i still read the fanfiction 
                              please tell me im not alone??
No ones asking how the hades(sorry dad) the spaghetti didnt spill in his bag
MitchDuck05 MitchDuck05 May 24
Duuuuuuuude... sounds like me TRYING to cook..... I can't even boil water for ramen noodles without almost burning down the house....... I swear, I can't cook to save my life, but most of my friends ask me to make like cookies and cake and shït for them.....
queenofcuts queenofcuts Jul 21, 2016
Oh my gods it's when I do all the work on the worksheet and my group copies