Needing More Time

Needing More Time

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Nikki By TrittanyFeels Completed

Before you get interested: This book deals with MATURE CONTENT, foul language, and sexual material associated with the actors from The Next Step. Reader discretion is advised! 
I thought I had more time than that?!Why did she ask him? And why did he say yes?! I though he wanted me?! He told me he loved me, but then he turns around and does this to me! I don't care if I only have a short time left! I'll make it work. We'll make it work. He'll be with me, because deep down, I know he still wants to be....

Time has run short and Trevor has 6 months left. Does he choose his girlfriend, and end up with a dead best friend, or choose his best friend, and lose his future with his girlfriend? 
This book is ultimately, in the end, a battle between INTIMACY & UNDERSTANDING. Both need in a relationship, but one will ultimately dominate.

This is a Trittany/Tarian book about Brittany's feelings for Trevor, and Trevor's struggle to choose which girl he loves more. Brittany, or Darian...

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trevorft trevorft Feb 20, 2015
I have a feeling that he's getting married  but this is really good !