My Protectors, My Brothers

My Protectors, My Brothers

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Wicked Silver By The-Wicked-Angel Updated Oct 10, 2016

Many people ask me, "What's it like to be rich?" or "How do you feel living with five older brothers?"

Honestly it gets old sometimes. So what if I come from a rich family? So what if my parents are multimillionaires? So what if my brothers moved out into the middle of nowhere? None of that really matters, because I know my brothers will always be there for me. And it's because I'm THEIR little sister.
"Come on, babe. Lets have a little fun." the guy slurs; but he seems to be fully aware of his actions.

I try to pry his fingers off my arm. "Let me go!" I snap.

"Let's have some fun." he slurs again, and starts to drag me away.

Where's my brothers when I need them! And it seems my prayers are answered.

"I'd advise you to let her go." a very familiar voice states angrily. I turn my head expecting to see only one of my brothers, but instead I see all five.

"Uh, oh." he gulps, assessing my brothers.

Oh, uh is right.

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NeonyWolf NeonyWolf Jun 08, 2017
Instead being the cliche of the rare white wolf 
                              How about being a rare red wolf with wings