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Nekos are not common and many people haven't ever seen one in person. Most think they are just a small percent of the population (which they are) but they hide it to the best of their abilities.  They are home schooled, wear hats EVERYWHERE,  and keep to themselves. 
Levi Ackerman knows about the Nekos. His own twin sister, Mikasa, is one. Why he wasn't one nobody knows. But Mikasa is the only one he has ever known about.  Known personally, yeah there are some people who are famous and Nekos. But he isn't really surprised that he has never really met one, they hide jut a much as Mikasa does. So when he meets a Neko who is about to jump he almost doesn't believe it.

Eren Jaeger is a Neko, and he is a lonely one at that.  His mother was murdered in front of his eyes when he was little. His father? A doctor who spends his time away from home.  Eren hides away, talks to no one and he is so damn messed up he can't pull up his sleeves, because then they will see the scars. He can't pull off the hat, then they will see the ears. But worst of all he cant tell people, because then people would see the truth. 

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BoyxBoy. Depression. AAANNNDDD you guessed it yep Levi and Neko Eren!!! 
1 i know Its Levi Rivaille not Ackerman 
2 there is some mature stuff in here little kids
3 i have no filter on cussing 
4 its gonna have some triggers in there
6 omg heavy trigger warning. Im so sorry this wasnt up to begin with. I could not regret it more. So very sorry.

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Bertoldt and Armin look uncomfortable 😂😂😂but I'm high key Connie
Im a mix between Jean, Connie and Eren. It depends my body and what it finds comfortable
raven33167 raven33167 Jul 22, 2016
We ALL know what he's doing on a roof guys.... 
                              eren is obviously spider man
SmolSaki SmolSaki Jul 21, 2016
Grisha : I'm dying send help there is blood all over the place
                              Eren : ok
Figgy-Love21 Figgy-Love21 Jul 07, 2016
I'm Connie. I mean sometimes i wake up on the floor with a bunch of pillows everywhere. Idk how tjat happens
angie100904 angie100904 Jul 09, 2016
That's really weird. People tell me the same thing about my eyes (my eyes are brown though). They ask me why I'm sad or depressed whenever I look at them. 
                              Bitch does it look like I know, I was born this way!