Be Cool, Kid (working title)

Be Cool, Kid (working title)

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Roxanne By thinkpurple28 Updated Dec 07, 2012

Be cool, kid

Do what he told you to

You're sad

You're crushed

You're frustrated

You're sorry

It was a misunderstanding

He tells you not to bother apologizing

You feel stupid

You're so frustrated you could cry

That's the problem

You're going to cry

You're sad

Sadness is weakness

Get angry

He told you that's what he does

When he's sad, he gets angry

Get angry

Try to hate him

You don't want to hate him

You should hate him

He treats you like shit

But you were stupid today too

Why the hell can't he see you didn't know

There we go

You're doing it

You're getting mad

Now control your anger

Don't let it rule you

Let it take away your sadness

Stop feeling stupid

You've apologized

He's the one in the wrong now

Is it unhealthy that you two take turns being the bad guy

You dismiss the thought

You can feel the slight ache of the forming bruises

You feel dizzy

There's definitely a headache coming

Then your anger is gone

You're frozen

There's the dregs of sadnes...

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