Being The Player's Neighbour

Being The Player's Neighbour

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Avani Galande By Avani_luvwriting Completed

I watched his full lips turn up into a smirk and in that moment my heart stopped beating, my mind stopped thinking. Instinctively, I leaned in to close the gap between us...

He's the badass player. Partying, having girls chase him and being popular is second nature to him.

She's your stereotypical good girl. Smart and almost invisible to guys. Her only weapon is sarcasm.

They get to know each other...What do you think will happen?

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music is like my life😂 I have private lessons twice a week, but orchestra everyday
xLovaticxo xLovaticxo 2 days ago
There's some "text typing/slang" which is fine but then there's some which are cringey
BabyCocoHoe BabyCocoHoe Aug 13
Listen, just bc Abby Lee Miller got arrested doesn't mean he's that bad...
crazypinache crazypinache 4 days ago
Type the whole sentence boy. She's pissed at you for the spellings that's why she doesn't want to see your face
Jaicei Jaicei Jul 18
No. Ur breath just stinks so bad it's making my eyes water. Personal space plz.
Can you please leave a dictionary on his doorstep or something